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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Gaya Dewata to find new place to stage LGBT contest

Gaya Dewata to find new place to stage LGBT contest

LGBT contest in Bali is banned by the police following refusal from communities.

JaringaNasional, JAKARTA — Grand Final Mister dan Miss Gaya Dewata failed to be held in Bali on Wednesda (Oct 10). The organizer, Gaya Dewata Foundation, did not get permission from the police to stage the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) contest.

“Cancelled,” Director of Gaya Dewata Foundation, Christian Supriyadinata via text message to, on Wednesday (Oct 10).

Mister and Miss Gaya Dewata 2018 contest was planned to take place at Bhumiku Hall, Denpasar, Bali. The organizer realized it would not be easy to shortly find new location for the event since LGBT activity is not accepted in the society.

However, Gaya Dewata determined to hold the contest. “We are trying and need time to overcome this, so we are forced to postpone the event,” Gaya Dewata Foundation stated in its website.

Bali Police spokesman, Hengky Widjaja, assured the contest involving LGBT could not be held in the province. The police has banned the event.

“Bali Police Intelligence director has confirmed the event is canceled due to rejection from Balinese communities,” said Hengky on Wednesday (Oct 10).

Setara Institute deputy chairman, Bonar Tigor Naipospos, lauded Bali Police decision to ban LGBT contest held by Gaya Dewata Foundation. He assessed police have to anticipate unwanted incidents following refusal of local communities.

Bonar said Indonesian people are very religious. Therefore, activity related to LGBT was considered as a very sensitive issue.

“Of course police considers (the people), so in handling LGBT activity, police is very careful and will avoid the emergence of rejection from public, which can result in security disturbances,” said Bonar on Wednesday (Oct 10).

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Nevertheless, Setara Institute expected police will not take further action other than cancelling the event. Bonar said police did not need to arrest or execute LGBT groups.

Bonar admitted LGBT activities currently are one of the issues among human rights activists. According to him, as minority, the rights of LGBT people must also be respected.

However, LGBT people must also respect the rights of others, including the rights of community groups who refuse them. On the other hand, Bonar encouraged the need for dialog to gain understanding of LGBT.

According to him, the rejection occurred because Indonesian people are new to the LGBT phenomenon. Bonar assessed the issue should be discussed and solved.

“What is clear is that they (LGBT people) should not be executed, oppressed or criminalized. That is the most important,” Bonar said.

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